The simple answer is “I Love to Perform.” But it has to be deeper than that.

Every performer has a purpose when they step on stage, or at least you should. What is yours? It can be a simple answer such as “Inspire people through music.” or it can be your ministry, it can be your way of connecting with people. There is no wrong answer but there needs to be a purpose in what you do. Even if it is vain, honestly. I performed because I like the feeling of getting to be the most extreme and authentic version of myself. I got to go against what people considered to be normal and I got applauded for it. It's a selfish reason, but I felt I had a purpose. I now know my purpose in performing was to learn and make mistakes so that I can share with other performers. If you don’t have a purpose, how do you find one? Chances are you already have a purpose of being out there you just have to acknowledge it. You can try meditating, you can try journalling, just consider what the reason is for going on stage. If your answer is fame and fortune then you do not have a purpose. What do you ultimately stand for when you step on stage?

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