At some point, we have to move on from our last performance.

Good or bad, we cannot dwell on our last performance forever. After a great show we often celebrate and sometimes we celebrate for days or weeks. On the flip side, when we have a disappointing performance we dwell and sulk for an unhealthy amount of time. No matter how the performance turns out we have to have a plan to move forward. There is always a another show to get working on, even if its not booked yet. If we gloat or sulk for way too long we put our future performances in jeopardy in terms of timing and quality. There has to be a point when you decide to move to the next performance. It may be a tough call but you know what they say, you can’t see where you are going if you are looking behind you. Take to the time to reflect, celebrate, learn, sulk - but get back to work. A career is not made with a single performance.

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