Every performance is an experience to learn from.

When we are on stage we are on a sort of high, it happens fast and often times we can’t recall every moment. So how do we use our shows as a tool to improve? Not something we are usually thinking immediately after a great show. Of course, when we are feeling like we had a mediocre or terrible show we immediately know what we would do differently. But, we often forget to think about learning from our great ones. Truth be told, we need to think about each performance in the same way if we are really going to grow. There are simple questions you can think about and really get down to where you could be better. Give yourself credit for the good moments, look for opportunities in the not-so-good moments, and look for something special about yourself. It will help to record your performances so you can go back and watch. The method in this episode will help you to improve and improvement is always necessary to move forward and grow.

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