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Episode 2: Getting Over Stage Fright

Everyone has suffered from some form of stage fright at one point or another. It can cripple careers and lives. There is no living with this fear, you have to conquer it or you will cease to grow as an artist.

There are 3 types of stage Fright:
People that Freeze

People that think they can’t do it

People that can’t let go

Do you fall into one of these categories?
This episode will help you start getting past this debilitating fear so you can truly leave your legacy on stage.

Episode 1: Letting YOU Shine Through

The most terrifying thing to do is be authentic and being yourself on stage. As Entertainers we play a character on stage but the most powerful performances are when you take off the face and be REAL! The Audience wants to see the imperfections in who you are, people want authenticity when they watch a live performance.

Take a moment and share yourself with your audience and you will find liberation and you will make a real connections with your audience.