Sometimes performers ask themselves why an audience was rude or inattentive or did not cheer for them.

The truth is, most times the performer should look at the actions on stage and how they were executed in order to answer these questions. Whenever I see someone perform, I can’t help it, the observationalist in me comes out. I watch the performers movements, timing, and audience interaction. I also watch the audience. I watch how they react to what the performer does. When the performer approaches, how they approach, what the audience feels in the moment. There are certain behaviors that get the Audience’s attention while performing on stage. When you are on stage you can use rhythm, movement, and facial expression to interact with your audience. That’s what captures them and brings them into your show, aka Stage Presence. In this episode I break down a method to engage your audience and keep their attention throughout the show. When done properly you will be able to approach, interact, and capture your audience for the duration of the show.

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