There is a powerful message for performers in this Beatles hit song. Sometimes you truly must Let it Be.

Last week I immersed myself in The Beatles. I only listened to their music and I read up on the history and some stories about them. They were, and still remain, one of the greatest performance groups of all time. But like most wonderful and incredible experiences, they had to come to an end. There was a lot of tension and Paul could tell the Band was struggling. One night he had a dream of his mother comforting him with the words Let it Be. The next morning he wrote the hit. After the album was complete, the Band did in fact break up. But the legacy they left lives on over 50 years later. Why? I truly believe it was this song. As performers, we create amazing things to share with our audience. There will come a time when it is time to move on. Whether it be to something new, taking a break, or even walking away, you must always be proud of what you have created. When you know in your heart it is time to move on, Let it Be.

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