Mental rehearsal has quite a broad effect on your performance. So how is it done properly?

There are techniques you can use when putting yourself through a mental rehearsal to make it more effective. You didn’t think it was just thinking through your material did you? I should hope not. While that may help you with knowing the material, the actual process of a mental rehearsal should have structure, just as a physical rehearsal would. First, You must do a relaxation exercise to clear your thoughts. Then you begin to run through the material. You will run through the performance at normal speed, half speed and double speed. Each speed gives you a new focus. Slower speed let you focus on technique and movements. Normal speed helps you apply those techniques, and double speed boosts your confidence and will empower you to correct yourself in real time when performing. At the end of the mental rehearsal, there is another meditative exercise to conclude your process and help retain your developments. Use this method 2-3 times between rehearsal and you feel incredible about your progress each time.

Please Note: You can also use this for smaller sequences within the performance as well

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