Knowing where your audience is when you are onstage is essential to making a connection.

The easy answer is “my audience is in front of me.” While that may be the obvious thing to say I will offer this: Are You Sure? When you are onstage you are filled with adrenaline and your nerves are firing like crazy. Add the fact that more often than not you have a spotlight (or 2) glaring in your eyes. Your intuition will have you walking forward blindly until you are close enough to the audience that you can see some of them, or at least make out where they are standing. This practice has you searching for your audience rather that appearing to instinctively know where they are. When you do finally locate your audience you will be so focused on the ones that are visible you will end up neglecting a majority of them. There are simple techniques and practices you can use to get a better idea of where your audience is and how to focus on all of them.

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