Episode 92: Guide to Performing as a Group

Being part of a group of performers is very different from performing solo. You are a part of a team and must act like it.

When performing in a group, you need respect, trust,and chemistry, all of which can be developed. Unlike performing alone, there are others to consider during all aspects of the performance. From idea to creation to putting it on stage, everyone must feel part of the show and must have something they are contributing. Don’t be the person that is only there to follow and not participate. Its ok, to have a disagreement with another group member as long as you work it out and accept the resolution, even if it is not in your favor. There are simple unspoken rules of working in groups that every performer should follow:

  1. Be On Time
  2. Come prepared
  3. Be Present and Focused
  4. Let Others Shine
  5. Establish a Chain of Command

The final piece of the puzzle is chemistry. The group can technically exist without great chemistry but there has to be some level of connection to each other. You definitely do not want to look like strangers while you are performing on stage. The best way to get this connection and build some chemistry is have some fun together. During rehearsal, After rehearsal, hang out and do something different together. It can literally be anything BUT if you want to have some fun and build trust at the same time, try an escape room or a ropes course.

That’s it. That’s the magic recipe for a successful group. If you are missing even ONE piece, the group will inevitably fall apart. Respect each other, Trust in one another, and Be crazy together.

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