Social Media has made it so much easier to connect with your audience between performances. So what do you share to keep them interested?

Times have definitely changed when it comes to growing your fan base. Before social media, performers would mingle with the audience and hope and pray they remember to show up to their next performance. In order to get any type of crowd to show they would stand on the street for hours upon hours handing out flyers. It was a very slow process. Now with a click of a button you can share who you are and what you do with thousands of people instantly. Social Media has made it super quick and easy to connect with people and build a following. But how to get them interested in you as a performer? You still have to mingle after your shows but now you hope they are curious enough to search for you on social media. Once they do it's important that you are sharing real and authentic contact with them. I blame reality TV for this but more and more people want to know what is REALLY happening with their favorite performers. Whether local or big time, they want to be clued in. Share rehearsal videos, share your progress of learning something new, share your diet and exercise program, Share life/family/pet updates (when comfortable). Thurn your audience into your fans by bringing them into your life.

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