Every time you step on stage you should be sharing a story with your audience.

A performance is meant to provoke thought or feelings for the audience. If not, then you are just showing off a skill or talent you have. When you are crafting your show think about what you want the audience to feel or think during your show. NOT what they should think about you but rather what feelings or thoughts should they have as a result of seeing your performance. Consider a painting, Starry Night by Van Gogh. This painting provoke different feelings and interpretations from each individual that views it. (Don’t believe me? Google it and provide a meaning of the painting). Your performance is like your Starry Night, your painting. Each person that shares in the experience of it should have an interpretation and should feel something. Tell your audience a story, everyone loves a good story. When people have something they can relate to it makes them desire a connection with you (follower/Fan).

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