The path to fame is rarely seen, only experienced.

Being famous will take more time, money, and work than most people are willing to invest. Fame is a level of success that few performers will ever realize and if that is your primary focus then I hate to break it to you, it's going to be a long, disappointing journey. If you were looking for a shortcut or some “Fame Hack,” then you came to the wrong place. I cannot actually teach you how to become famous. That is something that will truly take a lot of luck and timing in addition to all the time, money, and work you put in. The real focus here is success and success is not an easy journey. You will have pain. You will have disappointment. You will probably be screwed over and taken advantage of but the reason you keep going is because you are doing what you love and are driven only by passion. Keep going, my friend. The journey will be epic because it is yours.

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