Episode 75: One Night Only

“Whether Its 300 people, 3000 or 13,000 it has to feel like a celebration and you have to connect….I treat it like whether you are at the back or whether you are at the front, this is a night where something’s going to happen that can only happen there.”

-Hugh Jackman on TODAY, 11/29/2018

Every show is unique. Your audience wants to experience something that is ‘one night only.’ They want to see you perform something special just for them and you can make them feel that. It's all in how well you connect with them. The easiest way to make a connection is to pretend like you are just hanging out with your closest friends, even if it is dozens or hundreds of them. You are there doing your thing with your friends. Thinking that way will keep you relaxed and more importantly, authentic. It is that cool confidence that will draw the audience to you and make the performance feel special. When you do this repeatedly, every single audience will feel like they got a unique show and no one else will see the same one.

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