Maintaining contact with your audience is crucial for performers. People want to stay connected to you.

Self-promotion means you are consistently promoting what you are doing. From preparing for a show, to learning new moves, your audience wants an inside look. How do you accomplish that? Social Media. You don’t need to hire anyone and you don’t have to be some big-shot know-it-all social media buff. You need a facebook page, instagram, and twitter all set up specifically for you stage persona. After that you just need a few hours a week, a couple apps on your phone, and VIOLA! Self-promotion. So what are these fancy apps? Simple and easy is what I call them.

  1. Buffer - Helps manage and schedule your posts.
  2. Video Editior - Any video editor will allow you to trim videos shot from your phone.
  3. Canva - Easy-to-use graphics website

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