Your audience craves your attention. No matter how good you are you have to show your audience the attention they deserve.

Making eye contact is the absolute best way to show your audience that you are their for them. People go to live performances for an experience. Something as simple as looking at someone can give them the experience they are after. You can communicate every emotion through just your eyes. This can be a double-edged sword. On one side you can make people feel energized and engaged; on the other you can make them nervous for you. You have to take command and show your audience what to feel. Show the emotion, share the joy, sadness, pain, wonderment. Your audience will follow your lead as long as you show them with eye contact. Think about those glances between parents or best friends. You know exactly what the other is saying just by a look. This has to be you on stage. You can tell your audience what to think, feel, and how to react just through eye contact.

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