In order to keep growing we have to be open to that growth. In other words, Check the ego.

When we begin performing we start out nervous and uneasy. As we continue growing and we start to gain fans we become susceptible to “The Large Ego Complex.” We feel untouchable, we feel like nothing and no one can destroy what we have built. It's addicting. The result? Skipped rehearsals, slacking on presentation, blaming the audience for “bad shows,” expecting other people to cater to you and just bend to your will. We all have the capability to reach that point. I did. I hit that point hard and for a very long time I was KING! How do you prevent it? How do you dig yourself out of it?


You can’t hide behind a mask. You can’t hide behind your ego, that feeling of indestructibility. You have to strive to stay humble when you want to blow up. Keep yourself open to feedback, seek it out. Never stop taking the criticism in stride. There is a difference between knowing you are great and Acting like the greatEST. You are Great! Keep Going...

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