There is not really a secret to getting more opportunities to perform. You have to want it and you have put in some work to make it happen.

Rehearsal means nothing without a performance. How are you going to get a performance? Are you going to wait for someone to find you? If you wait to be discovered, you will die in rehearsal. You have to get out there and get after it my friend. You may have to make some tough choices - videogames or look for venues or events to reach out to? Watch T.V. or create some content to share on social media? Go out drinking or create an email to send out about my upcoming shows? These step are actually so small they can all get done in less than an hour. You just have to learn how.

I am seeking one person to step up and be willing to put in a little work. I want to build your online home AND show you how easy it is to manage your social media and build your fanbase. I need one person that is ready to get after their dreams to let me give this to you as a free gift. If you thing that is you CLICK HERE and let’s find out!

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