Not Everyone in the audience came for you. You have to turn them, make them interested in your art.

Too often performers believe the audience is already theirs just by stepping on stage when in fact 80% of most audiences have no idea who the act is. They just showed up for a drink or a meal or to hang with friends. Your performance just happens to be the entertainment for the time being. It is your job as a performer to entertain, to show the audience a good time. Not only that but you also have a personal agenda. You need to make them your fans. So how does that happen? Magic! In reality the magic is your interaction. Mingle before you perform, give people a reason to pay attention. During the performance make eye contact, smile, high five. Given to opportunity actually talk to people while on stage. Then after the show, don’t just pack up and leave. Stay. Mingle some more, even better, ask people for feedback. That really makes people feel important and invested. Just show people the love you want the to show you.

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