Episode 45: How to Rehearse Effectively

Do you really need to rehearse? You have done this dozens of times. It's not like you have the time to put in for this show. Let’s just wing it this time.



You MUST make time to rehearse. Sometimes it's not easy, you have a job and kids and you only have 3 days until the show. I get it. We all have busy schedules but if we are going to be successful performers we have to rehearse regardless of how often we perform or how much time we have, rehearsal is a necessary priority for a performer. You can run your rehearsal more efficiently in order to make it more effective. Instead of spending hours going over every small detail, focus on the performance as a whole. Take a littel time for have a mental rehearsal so you have a plan. Then go through the motions you envisioned, take it slow and make sure the movement feels natural and doable. Last, have 3-4 Full-out run-throughs. I mean don’t hold back, pick that energy up and do it like you are on stage - exactly as if you would perform.

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