Fear sucks the life out of you. Performers CANNOT thrive when fear is looming over us.

How can you stomp out fear?

First you need to recognize what type of fear you're facing. In this episode we cover the 3 most common types of fear that performers may face during their career. Attention, Judgement, and Success. When a performer is afraid of attention it is often called stage fright. Getting in front of people can be very scary for some people. The key here is getting your confidence up. When someone is afraid of judgement, they are held back because of what they THINK other people are thinking. Honestly - it doesn't matter what people think. Get on stage and do your thing. You audience will find you. The biggest fear for any one, performer or not, is the fear of success. Its natural for human being to keep to their comfort zone. But we cannot find success in our comfort zone. We have to take on new risks, face disappointments, put in more hard work, and live the dream we see for ourselves.

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