Episode 27: Dealing with a Copycat

Have you ever felt like another entertainer was stealing your ideas? All your hard word and the creative process and then ‘POOF’ someone just takes your idea or copies what you do. Who do they think they are? Maybe not who you think…

There is an old saying “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.” Many times when we feel like someone is copying us, they are actually inspired by us. Take that thought for a spin. We have inspired them and given them something to strive for. Before you attack these supposed Copycats – stop, take a moment and think about why they are mimicking your style. Is there a slight chance that they are using your performance as a based for what they strive to do? Perhaps we should engage them rather than attach them. Let’s check the ego on this one. I have been on the bad side of an ego-trip and trust me, it destroys dreams and crushes a novice performers hopes of learning from you and modeling you.

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