Episode 23: You are More than a Performer

It is perfectly normal to have a job and still be a performer. Its ok to have a job and go after your passion at the same time. We all have to balance work, rehearsal, family, performances and life events.

Too many performers neglect other parts of thei life to pursue their passions. While I 100% support you going for your passion, you are also allowed to have family time, you are allowed to have a job, you are allowed to have a LIFE off stage. You do not have to be “ON” all the time. Yes-you have to put in work; Yes-you have to push yourself, but you are also a mother, father, spouse, daughter, son, friend, neighbor, grandchild, grandparent, and you are still you. It is ok to take time for your family and for yourself. Don’t neglect your dreams, but also don’t neglect your life.

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