Episode 13: What is Stage Presence

Stage Presence as defined by Google is the ability to command the attention of a theater audience by the impressiveness of one’s manner or appearance. Doesn’t that mean our manner (or performance) must impress the audience? How can you be impressive?

Something as simple as confidence is impressive. Confidence in all you do on stage. If your performance is lacking the impressiveness it is also lacking connection and confidence. You can improve this by following my 3 rules I share in this episode:

1. Don’t be afraid to look foolish, in fact the more foolish you feel the better you actually look as long as you have confidence.

2. If people laugh, let them laugh. They will amount to nothing more than what they already are.

3. Let the ridicule and adversity be your fuel. Strive to perform at such a level that anyone naysayers will look foolish for questioning your talent.

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