You rehearsed. You know your stuff. Do you trust yourself to pull it off?

You want real success on stage? There is a process with 3 easy steps to get you there. First, You have to believe you deserve to be successful. Performers can get trapped in the feeling of never being good enough but you have to snap out of it. There is no power greater than belief in yourself. Second step is to work for it. NOw that you recognize and believe you deserve success, now you have to continue to work for it. Oh No, success does not come easy like wishing on a star, there is work. Last you have to trust yourself to make it happen. Sometimes you just have to take a step and trust that you got you. You rehearsed, you prepared, you worked, you believe, now you just have to trust. It’s like the magic in Halloweentown - “All you have to do is want it and then let yourself have it.”

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