When Someone Tears You Down

It’s inevitable, no matter how much you think people support you, someone will eventually surprise you and knock the wind out of you. That happened to me recently about this podcast. I have been going strong for just about a year and a half and all of a sudden I am publicly told that since I have not performed since last year that I should stop coaching others. I found […]

Do You Trust Yourself on Stage?

You rehearsed. You know your stuff. Do you trust yourself to pull it off? You want real success on stage? There is a process with 3 easy steps to get you there. First, You have to believe you deserve to be successful. Performers can get trapped in the feeling of never being good enough but you have to snap out of it. There is no power greater than belief in […]

Why Do You Perform?

The simple answer is “I Love to Perform.” But it has to be deeper than that. Every performer has a purpose when they step on stage, or at least you should. What is yours? It can be a simple answer such as “Inspire people through music.” or it can be your ministry, it can be your way of connecting with people. There is no wrong answer but there needs to […]


We give a lot of value to tomorrow. Are you really ready for what could happen tomorrow? There could be a cataclysmic global event OR you could be handed an opportunity to live out your dreams. The question is, which one are  you more ready for? Too often we spend our time preparing for the worst when in fact if we knew what was coming tomorrow we would live differently […]

It’s Time to Get Uncomforble on Stage

Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone. When was the last time you took a risk on stage? Tried something new? Different? If you struggle to recall then it may be a sign that it’s time to take a chance. When you stick only to what you know then you never learn anything and if you are never learning then as a performer you are doomed. Time […]

Stop Worrying About That Performance

At some point, we have to move on from our last performance. Good or bad, we cannot dwell on our last performance forever. After a great show we often celebrate and sometimes we celebrate for days or weeks. On the flip side, when we have a disappointing performance we dwell and sulk for an unhealthy amount of time. No matter how the performance turns out we have to have a […]

Reflecting on Your Performance

Every performance is an experience to learn from. When we are on stage we are on a sort of high, it happens fast and often times we can’t recall every moment. So how do we use our shows as a tool to improve? Not something we are usually thinking immediately after a great show. Of course, when we are feeling like we had a mediocre or terrible show we immediately […]