Episode 99: So, No One Came to Your Performance Huh?

Sometimes you have to look at where you have been in order to appreciate where you are. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the drama of the business. More people, More viewers, more followers, more ticket sales, more, more, more. That’s the nature of any type of show business. The interesting piece of this is we often put this pressure on ourselves. We have such a desire […]

Episode 98: How to Capture your Audience from Stage

Sometimes performers ask themselves why an audience was rude or inattentive or did not cheer for them. The truth is, most times the performer should look at the actions on stage and how they were executed in order to answer these questions. Whenever I see someone perform, I can’t help it, the observationalist in me comes out. I watch the performers movements, timing, and audience interaction. I also watch the […]

Episode 97: Let it Be – My Week with The Beatles

There is a powerful message for performers in this Beatles hit song. Sometimes you truly must Let it Be. Last week I immersed myself in The Beatles. I only listened to their music and I read up on the history and some stories about them. They were, and still remain, one of the greatest performance groups of all time. But like most wonderful and incredible experiences, they had to come […]

Episode 96 Mental Rehearsal For Performers

Mental rehearsal has quite a broad effect on your performance. So how is it done properly? There are techniques you can use when putting yourself through a mental rehearsal to make it more effective. You didn’t think it was just thinking through your material did you? I should hope not. While that may help you with knowing the material, the actual process of a mental rehearsal should have structure, just […]

Episode 95: The First Time Performing on Stage

The first time you step on stage is one of those unforgettable moments in life. There are many different ways a performer will experience the first time on stage. It may be in front of a large crowd, it may be in a small intimate setting. You may be sharing your talent or you  may be speaking or singing with emotion. Whatever it is there are 2 things you need […]

Episode 94: When Life Gets in the Way of Your Dream

Life Happens. Excuses Happen. Disappointments happen. What do you do when you find yourself putting off your talent? You make new commitment to yourself. You decide that you are going to make time for your dream no matter what. And then you stick to it. Yes, without a doubt, life will come back around and knee you in the stomach. You will again find yourself making excuses. It happens to […]