Episode 93: Performing for Your Audience

Knowing where your audience is when you are onstage is essential to making a connection. The easy answer is “my audience is in front of me.” While that may be the obvious thing to say I will offer this: Are You Sure? When you are onstage you are filled with adrenaline and your nerves are firing like crazy. Add the fact that more often than not you have a spotlight […]

Episode 92: Guide to Performing as a Group

Being part of a group of performers is very different from performing solo. You are a part of a team and must act like it. When performing in a group, you need respect, trust,and chemistry, all of which can be developed. Unlike performing alone, there are others to consider during all aspects of the performance. From idea to creation to putting it on stage, everyone must feel part of the […]

Episode 91: Build Your Fan Army

Social Media has made it so much easier to connect with your audience between performances. So what do you share to keep them interested? Times have definitely changed when it comes to growing your fan base. Before social media, performers would mingle with the audience and hope and pray they remember to show up to their next performance. In order to get any type of crowd to show they would […]

Episode 90: Performing Should Be Fun

The easiest and most basic way to connect with your audience is to just have fun and enjoy what you love. Having Fun is one of the most essential pieces to performing on stage. It opens up a connection to the audience that leaves them feeling great. Your relationship with  your audience starts immediately, leave them feeling fond by showing them you enjoy what you do. They came to be […]

Episode 89: What is Your Performance Saying to Your Audience?

Every time you step on stage you should be sharing a story with your audience. A performance is meant to provoke thought or feelings for the audience. If not, then you are just showing off a skill or talent you have. When you are crafting your show think about what you want the audience to feel or think during your show. NOT what they should think about you but rather […]

Episode 88: How to Use the Stage Like a Superstar

Performers should always move with purpose during a show. Movement on stage is one of the best and easiest ways to engage with your audience. Simply by standing in a certain spot or moving from one part of the stage to another can affect the audience in different ways. Did you know that you send a more emotional response when you are performing toward Center-Stage-Right? Or did you notice how […]

Episode 87: Know Your Stage

It’s easy to rush into performing on stage without learning basic stage directions but this knowledge is essential to building a professional performance career. Every performance you see has been plan and scripted out. When you see the guitarist rush forward to play alongside the lead singer; When an acrobat does the impossible pose; When the comedian acts out the story leading to the joke; When the dancer spins from […]