Episode 86: You Reached Your Goal…Now What?

When it starts to feel like the same performance every single time, it may be a sign that complacency is setting in. Time to make some changes. Complacency usually comes from getting comfortable with success and it happens so easily. Often times it comes after a long-sought-after goal is accomplished. It feels great at first, but eventually it starts to feel like there is no where to go. Each show […]

Episode 85: Overcoming Stage Fright

Fear of public performance affects more people than any other fear, doubled. You are not alone in your quest to get over stage fright but overcoming any kind of performance anxiety will take a serious shift in mindset. You have to truly want to get through this if you don’t or are not ready, no amount of tips or techniques will help you. The method I discuss in this episode […]

Episode 84: How to Become Famous

The path to fame is rarely seen, only experienced. Being famous will take more time, money, and work than most people are willing to invest. Fame is a level of success that few performers will ever realize and if that is your primary focus then I hate to break it to you, it’s going to be a long, disappointing journey. If you were looking for a shortcut or some “Fame […]

Episode 83: Leave a Legacy on Stage

A Performance is not solely based in skill. You have to add your own flair and by god, Have Fun! Skill is great and absolutely deserves applause. But a skill does not, by itself, make a performance. A performance takes passion and emotion. You must fuse your skill and your personality together in order to perform. Your talent needs your emotion, your energy, and even your quirks. Don’t be afraid […]

Episode 82: Turn on Your Have-To

“Deal from your Have-To. The Have-To is what you use when you’re afraid.” -Gary Busey as Chet “Rocket” Steadman in Rookie of the Year We all have fears and distractions that keep us from our dreams. I could easily some this up as an issue with priorities and it is. But how can performers re-prioritize and still survive? We have jobs, we have families. It’s simple. Use your Have-To. Chet […]

Episode 81: Falling Down on Stage

Every performer will, at some point, fall down on stage. It’s what you do when you get up that makes the show. Mistakes will always happen. You may forget choreography or words or you may trip and even fall down. The key to making a performance is the recovery. In some instances you can make it seem as though there was no mistake at all. In others, however, recovery is […]

Episode 80: Consumed

Life is precious, make sure you are living it. Being all-consumed with one thing can lead to being burnt out. Performing is no different. Yes, you have talent, and yes you love performing it. BUT if your talent consumes every aspect of  your life it will not be but a few years before it fizzles out. We have to stay balanced. There has to be other hobbies outside of your […]