Episode 79: Let’s Set Some Goals

The New Year is upon us. What are you going to accomplish? In this final episode for 2018 I share some of my personal goals and some goals I have for Being On Stage. Connect with me and share your goals. Subscribe to the RockStar Lounge for even more tips and tools to improve your stage performance. Join the Community on Facebook Follow Reggie on Instagram or Twitter       

Episode 78: Back to Life, Back to Reality

The Holidays are over! Time to take down the decorations, put away the lights, throw out the tree. You ever wish you could just hold on to Christmas just a little while longer? I think we all do. Performers face the same emotions every time we come off stage. We plan everything down to the last detail, choose the perfect outfit, and rehearse for what feels like forever. On stage, […]

Episode 77: A Performer’s Image

Your image is a promise to the audience. Make sure you deliver.   Every performer has an image, whether they recognize that or not. The image is the way people perceive you as an artist. A GREAT example would be promotional materials. What you wear and the design you choose for your promos will send a message to the potential audience about what to expect. Every time you are on […]

Episode 76: Go Do It

Life does not stop, we have to make time for our passion. Sometimes things will happen that keep you from moving forward. Maybe the Holidays are stressful with shopping and family visiting, decorating and making sure to plan for all the traditions.  Perhaps you have a busy time a t work and the time you do get at home is taken up by family and household responsibilities. There is always […]

Episode 75: One Night Only

“Whether Its 300 people, 3000 or 13,000 it has to feel like a celebration and you have to connect….I treat it like whether you are at the back or whether you are at the front, this is a night where something’s going to happen that can only happen there.” -Hugh Jackman on TODAY, 11/29/2018 Every show is unique. Your audience wants to experience something that is ‘one night only.’ They […]