Episode 74: Give Fear the Middle Finger

Fear sucks the life out of you. Performers CANNOT thrive when fear is looming over us. How can you stomp out fear? First you need to recognize what type of fear you’re facing. In this episode we cover the 3 most common types of fear that performers may face during their career. Attention, Judgement, and Success. When a performer is afraid of attention it is often called stage fright. Getting […]

Episode 73: How to Promote Your Show

Once you have the gig, how do you get people there? It is a common misconception that the venue is responsible for providing the audience. While in some cases they may, like at restaurants, but most of the time you will need to do some promoting yourself. The best way? Like everything else in life, social media ranks highest for successful promoting and there are SO many different ways to […]

Episode 72: How to Promote Yourself

Maintaining contact with your audience is crucial for performers. People want to stay connected to you. Self-promotion means you are consistently promoting what you are doing. From preparing for a show, to learning new moves, your audience wants an inside look. How do you accomplish that? Social Media. You don’t need to hire anyone and you don’t have to be some big-shot know-it-all social media buff. You need a facebook […]

Episode 71: Things Will Go Wrong

It’s inevitable. If something can go wrong it will. Performing on stage creates opportunity for things to go wrong. Whether you forgot a piece of your outfit, someone got hurt, the DJ did not cue the music correctly, maybe even a forgot or broken piece of equipment. Before you focus on that negative situation, stop! Assess the issue and move on to how you can fix it or work-around it. […]

Episode 70: Visualize Yourself on Stage

Every time you get on stage try to imagine what you want to audience to see. Then create that show and have confidence in what you created. Every performer has a vision before getting on stage. If not, get one. Take a moment to relax, close your eyes and visualize yourself on stage, what you are doing, where you are standing, your facial expressions. Think about the experience you want to […]

Episode 69: Use Your Eyes

Your audience craves your attention. No matter how good you are you have to show your audience the attention they deserve. Making eye contact is the absolute best way to show your audience that you are their for them. People go to live performances for an experience. Something as simple as looking at someone can give them the experience they are after. You can communicate every emotion through just your […]