Episode 68: Remove the Mask

In order to keep growing we have to be open to that growth. In other words, Check the ego. When we begin performing we start out nervous and uneasy. As we continue growing and we start to gain fans we become susceptible to “The Large Ego Complex.” We feel untouchable, we feel like nothing and no one can destroy what we have built. It’s addicting. The result? Skipped rehearsals, slacking […]

Episode 67: You Are Human

Being a performer is amazing, but the best part of being human is the ability to care and be passionate about more than one thing. We work hard, there is no denying that, but we also must live a FULL life. Part of doing that is experiencing new things and finding what else we enjoy spending time on. If you focus solely on one thing you will get burnt out […]

Episode 66: Dress the Part

Performers must set themselves apart from the moment we arrive. There should be no doubt that you are there for a purpose. People go to live events and shows for an experience and as the performer it is your job to give it to them. You appearance is a big part of that experience. People want to see a ROCKSTAR on stage not someone in t-shirt and jeans. You have […]

Episode 65: Permission to Dream

Dream Big. Dream Huge. Having a dream is incredibly important because a dream is a goal you are passionate about. Setting yourself a goal is a great way to push yourself to improve and make moves. So you have a long-term goal (the dream). How do you get there? The how is your short term goals or the little steps you have to take to reach that dream. Think about […]