Episode 64: Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

Asking for help is not always easy, especially for performers. At the same time, giving help is difficult for us as well. Something about that darn ego. We are proud people, performers. We like to figure things out on our own and feel weak if we don’t have it all together. But that should not be the case. We should always seek advice and help from others. Even more so […]

Episode 63: Get More Gigs

There is not really a secret to getting more opportunities to perform. You have to want it and you have put in some work to make it happen. Rehearsal means nothing without a performance. How are you going to get a performance? Are you going to wait for someone to find you? If you wait to be discovered, you will die in rehearsal. You have to get out there and […]

Episode 62: Mercedes

There are people that will come into your life and although they may not stay long, they have a huge impact on your life. This episode is dedicated to my dearly departed mentor, Mercedes. We were not best friends, more like acquaintances, but he was my Yoda when I first started performing. Many of the lessons he taught me are still with me today and here is where I share […]

Episode 61: Make Them Love You

Not Everyone in the audience came for you. You have to turn them, make them interested in your art. Too often performers believe the audience is already theirs just by stepping on stage when in fact 80% of most audiences have no idea who the act is. They just showed up for a drink or a meal or to hang with friends. Your performance just happens to be the entertainment […]

Episode 60: Are You Asking the RIGHT Questions?

Performers can avoid BIG show mistakes by having the sense to ask questions about the venue and patrons.   Mistakes will certainly happen, that’s an unavoidable truth but wouldn’t it be nice to prepare for some of the big mistakes? There is really nothing worse than showing up for a gig and realizing you’re not right for this audience. Of course, you are a professional so you go on and […]

Episode 59: Send the Follow-up

Trying to get booked is challenging, even more so if you are afraid to follow-up. Send the Second E-mail. There are many reasons you have not heard a response about a performance opportunity and not all of them are bad. Sometimes e-mail boxes are not monitored, maybe this is not actually the preferred communication method. Not everyone stays on top of their email or checks their Facebook messages daily. Perhaps they […]