Episode 58: Get Out of Your Way

Performers face many obstacles in their career but the biggest one is that inner voice screaming “YOU CAN’T DO IT!” That voice you hear is yourself. Ironically enough, you have control over that voice. The biggest obstacle will always be yourself. As a performer, you must eliminate that negative self-talk and just get going. You have fears, yes, but you also have dreams. Fear cannot ruin your dreams unless you […]

Episode 57: Polish Your Performance

Much like a sculptor has to smooth his design, the painter has to work in the detail, the performer must polish his performance. You have the idea, great, now what? You have the creativity to think up an amazing performance, now put in the work to bring it to life. Don’t get lazy with it, don’t procrastinate your rehearsal. Get in there are polish up that show, smooth out those […]

Episode 56: Desperate Times call for Preparation

There will come a time when you will be needed, You will be called upon to Perform with very little notice and sometimes with very little expectation.   You should always have something prepared to perform at the last minute. Always have something ready “just-in-case.” This may happen because the promotor or booking agent knows you have the talent, you have proven yourself to be resourceful. Sometimes you will get […]

Episode 55: Technology is Amazing

Have you ever stopped and thought about how incredible it is to be able to connect with someone on the other side of the world with just a double tap? I can tell you what countries and even what cities listen to this podcast. I can see how many people saw my Instagram post. I can tell how many people opened the email I sent them. I can build an entire […]

Episode 54: It’s a Long Hard Ride

Let’s face it, the career of a performer is not easy. It is one of the hardest paths to follow and is laced with pain and disappointment. But then you move forward. And you move forward again. And again. Slow Progress is still progress my friends. You may have unreturned calls and e-mails, you will have small crowd and empty crowds. Take those moments as part of the journey. You […]

Episode 53: Leave Them Curious

Audiences crave more and more acts that are odd, strange, or off-the-wall. Don’t get stuck on NORMAL setting.   As a performer, sometimes you will need to change things up. Throw a curve-ball to your audience and give them something abnormal and off-center. Strive to be weird. Nowadays the more strange and an act, the more different a performance is, the more attention it gathers. The reason? Curiosity. The Audience […]

Episode 52: Silence

Performers usually bring the energy to the audience, we bring life to the stage. But silence can be a powerful strategy to connect with the audience. When used properly a performer will create a moment of anticipation through silence and stillness. This anticipating brings the audience into the show, it makes it matter to them. When you choose the right moment in your show, the audience will be captured by […]

Episode 51: Stop Chasing Perfection

Why do we always believe we must be perfect on stage? Our Audience does not seek perfection, they seek connection! So often performers are judging themselves more harsh than needed, sometimes preventing them from getting on stage in the first place. This is a head game, nothing more. You are in your own head creating this belief. The performance is a representation of the artist, the performer. Our performance cannot […]