Episode 50: The Secret to a Successful Performance

Every Performance needs one thing. It took me a long time to figure it out and I am thrilled to share it! Episode 50 is a big one so naturally I have to drop a big SECRET!! One that many performers may never know but I am going to share it with you, with the world! Every performer should know exactly what it takes to be successful on stage, and […]

Episode 49: My First Dave Matthews Band Experience

A Dave Matthews concert is a one of a kind experience that every performer could learn from. This is my story of the first time I saw Dave Matthews Band in concert. There is no doubt that Dave Matthews Band is one of the most talented live performers of all time. Based solely on the following, we can see there is something to love about being at a concert. There […]

Episode 48: Perform Every Chance You Get

Performers NEED to be on stage. It’s not just a want or desire. It’s not just fun for us. It’s a necessary part of our lives! So what do you do when you are not being booked? You go looking. You make phone calls, send emails. You have to find a way. There are hundreds of thousands of performers that are working behind desks because they gave up looking, or […]

Episode 47: Your Talent Belongs on Stage

Think about your talent. What gift were you given? You need to put that on stage. Anyone can perform! Talent comes in many forms but it all deserves to be showcased. Any talent can be turned into a performance and put on stage. You may have to put in a little work and rehearsal, but the stage is waiting. Every person on the planet should experience what it’s like to […]

Episode 46: Keeping Time and Using Rhythm

Moments become magical on stage because of great timing and use of rhythm. Performers need to harness the power of the beat and use it to time the movements that will capture the audience.   Rhythm does really getcha! If you use it well you can get the audience too. Moments and movements that are timed and syncopated to the underlying rhythm is what creates showstopping moments for your crowd. […]

Episode 45: How to Rehearse Effectively

Do you really need to rehearse? You have done this dozens of times. It’s not like you have the time to put in for this show. Let’s just wing it this time.   Horse-Crap! You MUST make time to rehearse. Sometimes it’s not easy, you have a job and kids and you only have 3 days until the show. I get it. We all have busy schedules but if we […]

Episode 44: Expectations Kill Dreams

A performer cannot function when they have expectations. We need Freedom! How can you get rid of the expectations? Try a little Hope. Yes, You can hope for a great show, you can hope the audience likes you, you can hope you nail the hard part. Expectations add too much pressure and stress for a performer. If we fail to meet those expectations we see depression and disappointment which will […]

Episode 43: You SHOULD Be Nervous!

The butterflies in the stomach…The sweaty palms…The tightness in your throat…The weakness you feel…It’s all part of being nervous before you go on stage. This is exactly how you should feel before a performance. The nervousness you feel before the show is 100% normal. As a matter of fact, this is exactly how you are supposed to feel. If you were not nervous it would mean that you no longer […]

Episode 42: Do What You Have to Do

Stop turning away opportunities that don’t “fit” with your vision. Sometimes you hae to do things you don’t want to do in order to have the opportunity to do the things you want to do. We live in a world full of judgement but we should not allow the judgement to affect our path. There will be times when an opportunity is presented and you are very unsure of taking […]

Episode 41: The Circle of Performing

Your success as a performer is entirely up to the audience. You have to engage with them and give them a memorable performance if they are going to like, follow, subscribe, and eventually come back.   That’s The Circle of Performing. You engage them during your performance, they react by following, subscribing, or purchasing, and you create more to engage them. Sounds simple right? It is. And the best part […]