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Reggie Daughson is a Talent Coach, Emcee, and Performance Artist with a passion for audience engagement. He is widely known for engaging audiences of all sizes, creating an energizing show for all. He is also the creator and Host of The Being On Stage Podcast to motivate performers to push through their perceived limitations.

Reggie’s Performance Artist career began when he was 12 years old in the form of a Puppet Team at his Church. While there, even as a teen, he began infusing his creativity into show creation and design. Later he became inspired by  the showmanship and creativity of Drag Queens and Kings. He moved on to become a Lip Sync and Performance Artist under the stage name – Reggie B. Coxworthy. Through this path he has been able to truly understand what it takes to properly engage and energize an audience. His passion for his audience was evident each time he stepped on stage.

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Throughout his career Reggie has worked with a variety of performers from around the country. He has had the privilege to collaborate on several shows, as well as create and choreograph over a dozen of his own productions.

He has coached several talented performers in areas including developing a stage persona, getting over stage fright, Stage Presentation, and Show production and design. He believes anyone can entertain as long as they have Motivation, Inspiration, and Confidence.


“I love helping performers turn their talent into a performance. Unfortunately, most performers will never make it to a stage. They have the potential to be amazing but they lack one of the three components of a successful entertainer. Motivation, to keep going even when it hurts; Inspiration, to visualize the show on the stage and create the performance; and Confidence, to get out there and leave their legacy on stage.”

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This realization is what led him to create the Being On Stage Podcast for performers. The goal of each episode is to provoke thought and action among performers, motivating them to get on stage, share their talent, and engage their audience. In 2018, Reggie began creating the ‘MIC Drop Method,’ a training program that will help performers at any level improve their on stage performance and turn their audience into fans. This training program is currently in development with a planned release in early 2019.

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